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About Our Accutane Treatment

Isotretinoin, known as Accutane, is a potent oral treatment for severe or scarring acne. As a retinoid, it reduces skin oil production, pore blockage, and inflammation. Treatment with Accutane is individualized, often lasting at least six months with regular medical assessments and blood tests to monitor its effects and potential side effects. Although effective in improving severe acne, it’s important to note that lasting remission may require additional treatment rounds.

Metropolis Dermatology specializes in Accutane therapy for severe acne, guided by experienced specialists and healthcare providers who closely monitor treatment progress and ensure patient safety. The process for Accutane in the United States requires a government program called iPledge, with strict adherence guidelines to prevent pregnancy. Although Accutane has had a lot of negative press, it is given safely every day with appropriate monitoring.

We also offer alternative dosing methods like microdosing to achieve remission while minimizing discomfort from side effects. Our comprehensive approach ensures the best possible outcome for each patient’s unique needs.

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