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About Our Acne Cortisone Shot Services

Cystic acne presents as deep and enduring nodules beneath the skin’s surface. It is common during times of stress or during hormonal cycles. Cortisone shots provide targeted relief by delivering medication directly into the lesion, reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing to prevent scarring. The anti-inflammatory effects of cortisone quickly alleviate pain, swelling, and redness, making it particularly effective for large and painful acne nodules that may resist other treatments.

Administered by a qualified dermatology provider, cortisone shots rapidly improve the appearance and discomfort of treated acne within a day or two. Alongside the shot, the dermatologist may recommend additional interventions to address underlying causes and prevent future breakouts, ensuring comprehensive acne management. Some possible side effects include skin dimpling and fat atrophy that can persist in some rare cases. Most of these can be mitigated by using ultra-low doses, which we perform at Metropolis Dermatology.

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