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About Our Cantharadin Services

Cantharidin, derived from the blister beetle, is a topical medication used to treat specific skin issues like warts, molluscum contagiosum, and certain keratoses. Acting as a vesicant, it induces blister formation upon skin contact, separating and eliminating the targeted skin anomalies. Cantharidin’s advantage lies in its ability to cause controlled blistering, effectively detaching and expelling the affected tissue without invasive procedures.

Applied by one of our providers, it triggers localized blistering that separates the anomaly from healthy skin, facilitating painless removal and preventing recurrence.

Cantharidin application involves careful cleansing before applying a small amount of the solution or gel to the area. A protective barrier may be used to safeguard healthy skin. After several hours, blister formation occurs, leading to gradual resolution and shedding of the anomaly. Cantharidin should only be administered by a healthcare professional, with concentration and application tailored to the specific condition.

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