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Cyst Removal

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About Our Cyst Removal Services

Cyst excision is a surgical procedure aimed at sac-like structures in the skin filled with fluid, debris, or semi-solid material. This method is typically employed when a cyst becomes problematic, painful, infected, or aesthetically problematic. During the excision process, our providers carefully make an incision in the skin, dissecting and removing the cyst along with its contents. The goal is to completely eliminate the cyst while minimizing the risk of recurrence and optimizing healing.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to ensure comfort. After the cyst and its contents are meticulously removed, the wound is carefully closed and may require sutures or stitches. Proper wound care instructions are provided to support effective healing and reduce the likelihood of complications. Cyst excision can offer relief from discomfort, prevent potential infections, and enhance the skin’s appearance.

Excisions lead to scar formation in almost all cases. Additionally, cysts are actually complicated structures that can recur. Some cysts have multiple areas trapped by surrounding scar tissue that make them hard to fully remove.

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