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About Our Electrodessication Services

Electrodessication, or electrocautery, is a precise medical technique used at Metropolis Dermatology to treat various skin issues like benign growths, skin tags, and seborrheic keratoses. It involves applying a high-frequency electric current to targeted skin irregularities, effectively removing them while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This approach offers a quick and efficient way to eliminate unwanted skin anomalies, improving aesthetics and preventing potential complications.

The key advantage of electrodessication lies in its ability to selectively eliminate specific skin irregularities while minimizing impact on nearby tissue. By using controlled heat generated by the electrical current, the procedure vaporizes or desiccates the target. Electrodessication is known for its precision, resulting in minimal scarring and quicker healing compared to other surgical methods.

Performed in our office, electrodessication begins with cleansing the area and administering local anesthesia if needed. The dermatologist carefully applies the electrode to the targeted area, with the duration depending on the extent of treatment. Following the procedure, a scab forms and eventually falls off as the skin heals. While electrodessication is effective for surface-level irregularities, it is generally not suited for deeper lesions. Regular follow-ups with our dermatology providers ensure proper healing and address any concerns that may arise.

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