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Intramuscular Cortisone Shot

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About Our Intramuscular Cortisone Shot Services

Intramuscular cortisone shots are a way to address intense inflammatory skin problems in appropriate individuals. It involves the careful injection of potent corticosteroid medication into a muscle, often the buttock or upper arm. These shots are used for severe eczema, psoriasis, or allergic reactions, as corticosteroids reduce inflammation and alleviate associated symptoms by toning down immune responses.

The key advantage of intramuscular cortisone shots is their ability to provide broad relief, beneficial for extensive or severe symptoms that cover large areas of skin. Unlike topical treatments, these shots distribute corticosteroids throughout the body via the bloodstream, effectively reaching inflamed areas. This approach usually employs a milder dose compared to oral steroids, minimizing the risk of a rebound effect.

Temporary effects like skin dimples at the injection site due to fat thinning can occur. People with diabetes, insulin resistance, severe osteoporosis, or active infections should inform their Metropolis Dermatology dermatology provider. Cortisone shot effects typically last around 1-3 months, offering a considerable respite from symptoms.

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