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Lipoma Removal

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About Our Lipoma Removal Services

Lipomas are benign fatty tumors that are generally not problematic, but when large, can cause some discomfort or cosmetic concerns. The primary goal of lipoma removal is complete excision, ensuring thorough elimination and minimizing the chance of regrowth. The surgical technique may vary depending on factors like size and location. Typically, a small incision is made over the lipoma, allowing precise removal along with surrounding tissue to prevent recurrence.

Beyond addressing the tumor itself, lipoma removal offers several benefits. Relief from associated discomfort and enhanced aesthetics are common outcomes. The procedure is generally safe, involving local anesthesia and minimal scarring. Tailored to individual circumstances, post-operative appointments monitor healing and address any issues.

Of note, lipomas can be difficult to remove, as they may be attached to deeper layers, such as muscle or even bone. In some cases, large lipomas require removal by general surgery or plastic surgery given the structures they are involved with. In these cases, we remove as much as we can, and close the wound. Some specialists may require imaging before performing procedures on large or deeper lipomas.

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