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About Our Scalp Cortisone Shot Services

Cortisone shots for hair loss involve precise injections of corticosteroid medication into the scalp, primarily used for conditions like alopecia areata, characterized by irregular hair thinning. By harnessing corticosteroids’ anti-inflammatory properties, these shots curb immune responses and reduce inflammation within hair follicles, particularly effective in localized cases. For broader hair loss, alternative approaches may be considered – something to be discussed with your provider at Metropolis Dermatology.

Cortisone shots work by calming immune reactions and inflammation within hair follicles, especially relevant in cases of alopecia areata where follicles are mistakenly targeted by the immune system. The injection frequency varies based on individual response and hair loss severity. Complementary treatments like topical or oral medications may be prescribed to optimize hair regrowth and address underlying causes. It’s important to note that cortisone shots are most effective for non-scarring alopecias or prevention of spread of inflammatory hair loss, such as frontal fibrosing alopecia and discoid lupus. Regular follow-up is essential to monitor progress and maintain hair health.

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