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Skin Cancer Excision

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About Our Skin Cancer Excision Services

Skin cancer excision surgically removes cancerous skin lesions, like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma. This involves eradicating the lesion along with a surrounding margin of healthy tissue to ensure complete removal of cancer cells and prevent recurrence.

The primary goal is to eliminate cancer cells thoroughly, reducing the risk of recurrence. The procedure’s extent varies based on factors such as cancer type, size, and location. Following excision, the extracted tissue undergoes microscopic analysis to confirm the diagnosis, evaluate cancer cells, check margins, and guide further treatment decisions if needed.

Skin cancer excision is performed under local anesthesia, with sutures closing the wound. Post-operative care and regular follow-ups are essential for optimal healing and monitoring. This approach emphasizes early detection, sun protection, and ongoing surveillance to detect any signs of recurrence or new skin cancer.

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