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Skin Punch Biopsy

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About Our Skin Punch Biopsy Services

Metropolis Dermatology also performs a procedure known as a skin punch biopsy, which involves extracting a small circular piece of skin using a specialized tool, offering a comprehensive tissue sample for accurate diagnosis and treatment. This method is particularly valuable in assessing various skin conditions, such as suspected skin cancer, inflammatory disorders, or autoimmune diseases, by analyzing cellular structure, inflammation, and anomalies within the skin layers.

The biopsy’s advantage lies in its ability to capture a full-thickness skin section, including the epidermis, dermis, and sometimes subcutaneous fat, enabling precise diagnosis. During the procedure, a local anesthetic is applied, and a circular blade extracts a small sample, which is then analyzed under a microscope by dermatopathologists. Although resulting in a minor wound, the biopsy findings guide personalized treatment plans, emphasizing proper healing and follow-up care for optimal outcomes.

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