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Skin Shave Biopsy

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About Our Skin Shave Biopsy Services

A skin shave biopsy is a minor surgical procedure involving the removal of a thin layer of skin for microscopic analysis. This allows our in-house dermatopathologists to examine cellular composition and detect abnormalities like skin cancers, rashes, and infections.

The dermatology provider applies local anesthesia, uses a small surgical blade to remove the top skin layers, and provides post-biopsy care instructions for proper healing and prevention of complications.

While skin shave biopsy is generally safe and minimally invasive, its suitability depends on the specific skin issue. Dermatologists determine the best biopsy approach based on factors such as location and size, potentially suggesting alternatives like punch or excisional biopsy. Regular follow-up appointments are essential for understanding biopsy results, devising treatment plans, and addressing any concerns.

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