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Spironolactone for Hormonal Acne

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About Our Spironolactone for Hormonal Acne Treatment

Hormonal acne is a challenging condition to treat, and is generally a long-term issue requiring long-term treatment. One of the treatments is a medication called spironolactone, an oral pill geared towards mitigating hormonal acne in women, extending its applicability to diverse medical conditions like blood pressure management and hair loss treatment. Classified as a potassium-sparing diuretic, this medication balances important hormones often implicated in acne. This intervention dampens androgenic activity, leading to decreased sebum generation and, thereby, curbing the frequency of acne outbreaks.

Our holistic acne management approach can incorporate spironolactone with carefully selected options. Moreover, our ability to check diagnostic tests to gauge hormonal conditions helps to get to the root of the issue. Spironolactone can have side effects, including dizziness, irregular periods, breast tenderness, and headache. Many of these can be mitigated by controlling dose and adjustments made by our experienced dermatology providers.

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