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UVB Phototherapy (XTRAC)

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About Our UVB Phototherapy (XTRAC) Services

We utilize Xtrac as the most effective narrowband UVB device. Narrowband UVB therapy uses a specific UVB light wavelength to treat skin conditions rooted in inflammation and excessive cell turnover. This controlled exposure helps reduce inflammation, modulate immune responses, and promote skin healing. It’s commonly used for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, and certain forms of dermatitis by reducing inflammation underlying these conditions.

Unlike natural sunlight, narrowband UVB therapy offers focused UV exposure, minimizing risks. Treatment frequency and length depend on the skin ailment, symptom severity, and individual response. Regular sessions gradually progress to avoid side effects, with outcomes varying—some conditions improve in a few sessions, while others require 20-30 treatments.

Mild post-treatment redness, tenderness, and occasional scabbing or blistering may occur temporarily, offering therapeutic benefits despite potential discomfort.

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