For beautiful, youthful-looking skin, a good skin care routine is necessary, but most people make a mistake when choosing the right product. The skin’s texture, complexion, and sensitivity differ from one person to another. A product that can do wonders for one may be harmful to another. It is important to understand one’s skin before choosing the right product to give it the moisture and nutrients it needs.

What Does A Moisturizer Do?

The right kind of moisturizer helps maintain oil balance in the skin. It keeps the skin smooth, clear, and wrinkle-free. Acne is the result of excessively dry or oily skin. Choosing the right moisturizer maintains texture and avoids many common skin problems. It can also help reduce the appearance of blemishes. 

When the skin becomes too dry, not only will it become weaker and less elastic, it is more prone to developing dead skin cells, wrinkles, and other signs of aging that you don’t want to see steal your youthful appearance away. The risk of developing skin cancer is also heightened as your skin becomes more sensitive. 

Making sure to moisturize daily can help boost the skin’s ability to heal itself and stay healthy. It will help you retain your youthful good looks and fight back the early signs of aging. 

What Ingredients do Moisturizers Have?

The three main ingredients of a moisturizer fall into three categories.


  • Emollients
  • Humectants
  • Preservatives


Emollients fill in the spaces between skin cells and block moisture from leaving the skin. They are occlusive or semi-occlusive materials, meaning that they provide a partial or complete barrier and allow the skin to restore itself. Petrolatum, lanolin, and mineral oil are some common emollients. They work best when they are applied soon after a bath, when the skin can better retain some of the moisturizer.

Depending on the molecular weight, humectants attract moisture from the air that absorb into the skin or stay on the skin’s surface. Glycerine, urea, and hyaluronic acid are some of the common examples of humectants. 

Preservatives prevent bacteria growth in moisturizers. Other ingredients include vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, and fragrances for a specific scent. 

How to Choose the Right Moisturizer?

Itching, flaking, dry, or drab-looking skin is a horror that many people face. Using the right moisturizer can save the skin from a lot of problems. There are several choices on the market based on skin type, color, type of moisturizer, and more. While buying a moisturizer, the variety may seem a bit confusing at first. How can one know if the moisturizer is right for them, when they all promise the same results?

A person with normal skin will need a light moisturizer that contains natural oils. Those with dry skin require heavier lotions containing humectants to lock in the moisture. As for individuals with oily skin, there are oil-free, non-acnegenic moisturizers that also prevent pores from clogging. 

People with sensitive skin must be careful while choosing a moisturizer. They should look for fragrance-free moisturizers that contain very few ingredients. The biggest blunder many people make is using a body moisturizer on the face. This can cause irritation and breakouts. Knowledge is key when choosing the best moisturizer, and with the right help, you can be set on the right track

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